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About Us

Over 25 Years

Bay Area Montessori House began classes in September 1988. The school was founded by Melinda Nielsen and Tommie Hebert. After moving to the Clear Lake area  in1987, Melinda realized there was not an accredited A.M.I. school in the area. Wanting an A.M.I. Montessori education for her children, Melinda and her mother, Tommie Hebert, began working to open the school by 1988.

The first school location was in a  leased strip office space on Kings Row street in Webster.  The 1400 square feet  provided enough space for a Primary Class, office-observation room and storeroom. Classes began in September 1988 with six students.  In 1991 the school leased a larger space on Oakgrove street which  enabled the school to have two Primary classrooms, an office, an Atrium-Library, and a multi-purpose room.   The present location was purchased in 1995 initially with 7,600 square feet which was expanded by another 6,800 square feet in 2004 with the two story addition.

Tommie Hebert and Melinda Nielsen still lead the school today.

Our Mission

Our Mission at BAMH is to focus upon the child by providing instruction in an authentic Montessori environment  including  educational, cultural, and Christian materials  to further the child’s developmental journey into adulthood.
At BAMH, we embrace Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of “following the child.” We strive, as she believed, to provide a loving and nurturing environment, such that the child’s innate ability to discover and develop will be encouraged. As a small community, in many ways we consider ourselves to be a family, welcoming newcomers with open arms.

AMI Certification

amilogoBAMH is accredited and supervised by the Association of Montessori International (AMI). This affiliation is reviewed yearly and can be maintained only through the school’s strict observance of the education principles set forth by Dr. Montessori. As one of only three AMI schools in Houston, we offer the world-renowned authentic Montessori education to children from the ages of three through middle school. If you are considering other “Montessori” schools in the area, especially for pre-K and Kindergarten, we encourage you to ask about their certification.


Bay Area Montessori House, Inc is a 501c(3) non-profit organization.  As such it’s primary focus is serving the community with authentic Montessori education for children.   An Executive Board provides decisions on school policies and direction. Tuition provides the primary source of funds for the school, but the school also accepts tax deductible contributions.

Children Education Structure

There are three school branches needed to provide a child’s education: the faculty,the administration and the child’s family .In order to assure that your child receives the best possible education, all three branches of the school must work together.  In order for each branch to offer its strengths to the other two, the following is required:

The faculty will provide a Christian Montessori education for each child appropriate to his/her development. They will provide opportunities for the educational growth of the parents in the Montessori Method (information nights, conferences and outside speakers, as needed).

The administrative director will handle the day-to-day operations of the school. This includes interviewing new prospective families, providing parenting classes, and maintaining a Montessori library for parents and community interest. All student activities, classroom procedures and curriculum activities are the responsibility of the Educational Director. The Executive Board, always seeking God’s direction, forms the policies and procedures of the school.

The family who entrusts the educational needs of their children to the school will seek out information from the school by attending all informational meetings and conferences, by reading and applying Parent Handbook suggestions, and by participating in school volunteer committees where interested.

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